co.lab is relocating

First, the good news: after a lot of hard work, perseverance and frankly a lot of doubts by the more traditional business community, we have proven viability of a top-notch co-working space in Duluth. It took two years, but we finally acheived profitability (April of this year).

Now the bad news: we were unable to renew our lease. The entity which initially leased us the space had an unexpected need for it. There was simply nothing we could do. We were also unable to find the right alternative in time to move directly from one space to another.

And finally, more good news: we are actively evaluating new spaces which combine the intangibles of Co.Lab version 1. One of which incorporates location, amenities, and just an overall great vibe that members have come to expect.

We have a strong passion to see coworking continue in Duluth and feel that the area is lesser without it — less young professional energy, less opportunity for startups, less presence for the burgeoning tech community.

stay in touch

If you are interested in joining us as a member or even an investor who wants to help make version two even stronger please sign up:

[email protected] 218-464-9464